2. Opportunity to be a part of GSL Table Tennis is now open

Opportunity as GSL Table Tennis Team Owner

Any Individuals or an enterprises with interest for the game of Table Tennis can become a GSL Table Tennis Team Owner.

The Ownership shall be of a valuable asset in Indian Table Tennis Investing in the Table Tennis eco system of Gujarat with immense opportunity for

  • Recognition in sports and business circle
  • Owning a team in a league that will broadcast live across India
  • Brand exposures on TV network promos
  • Advertisement spots during the live broadcast of the league
  • Brand exposure as part of multi media campaign across platforms and channels
  • Branding in Stadia & Giant screen branding
  • Social media presence
  • Match day hospitality – Meet and greet opportunity with player
  • Right to give away prize
  • Recipients Share of central revenue from year two onwards
  • Prize Money

The Gujarat Super League Team owners shall be the real game player in the background. They shall handle everything from management, planning and mainly who will be the playing for their team. Team owners are backed by a team which include management team and coaching teams.

An initial per annum subscription fee shall required to be paid.

Team Owner shall be on a contract and has to stay invested for a period of 3 ( three years ) .

Additional investment shall be for the following requirements

  1. Wallet buying Players & Coach
  2. Team Members Transportation, Accommodation, Food, Kit.

The team owners shall help the sponsors to build their brand.

The League Team Owner may sell the ownership stake after a lock in period of 3 ( three years )

Under the revenue model, the GSTTA shall keep a portion as fees and for the event management expenses. The central remaining incomes shall distributed among the Team Owners from third year onwards.

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