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Play format

GSL Table Tennis Play format

The competition matches shall be played in two stages.

The teams shall play in a round robin format matches with each team playing with one another.

Each winning game shall count with winning points.

The wining game points shall be added to total of each team.

At the conclusion of the league first stage, the top four teams with maximum wining  points shall qualify for the second stage.

The top two teams from the league first stage will play against each other in the first Qualifying match, with the winner going straight to the final.

The loser getting another chance to qualify for the final by playing the second Qualifying match.

Meanwhile, the third and fourth place teams from league first stage phase play against each other in an eliminator match.

The winner from that match will play the loser from the first Qualifying match.

The winner of the second Qualifying match will play the winner of the first Qualifying match in the Final match,

The winner will be crowned the GSL Table Tennis champions.

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