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GSL Table Tennis Team Constitution

A team can acquire players through any of the three ways:

  • The annual player auction,
  • Trading players with other teams during the trading windows,
  • Signing replacements for unavailable players.

Players sign up for the auction and also set their base price, and are bought by the franchise that bids the highest for them.

Unsold players at the auction are eligible to be signed up as replacement signings.

In the trading windows, a player can only be traded with his consent, with the franchise paying the difference if any between the old and new contract.

If the new contract is worth more than the older one, the difference is shared between the player and the franchise selling the player.

There are generally three trading windows – Two before the auction, and One after the auction but before the start of the tournament.

Players cannot be traded outside the trading windows or during the tournament, whereas replacements can be signed before or during the tournament.

The team composition rules are as follows:

  1. Number of playing members of each team will consist of a maximum of players
  2. There shall be two coaches each ( one India ranked and one from Gujarat ).
  3. Each team would be a combination of registered players of Gujarat and International / national players from other states.
  4. Each team composition

Male – Men’s Category                 ( India ranked )

Male – Men’s Category                 ( Gujarat ranked )

Male – Junior’ s ( U – 17)             ( Gujarat ranked )

Female Women’s Category         ( India ranked )

Female Women’s Category         ( Gujarat  ranked )

Female Junior’ s ( U – 17 )            (Gujarat ranked )

Male / Female ( 39 + )                    ( Gujarat ranked )

The term of a player contract is one year, with the franchise having the option to extend the contract by one or two years.

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